PGC 2019 Group Stage Prep Session

Groups are drawn and teams are on their way. Are you ready for the PGC Group Stage this weekend?!

The PGC Group Stage is the first step for one of the top PUBG teams to become global champions. It’s here that you’ll get your first look at how teams are playing. In this phase, some teams (usually the favorites) play more conservatively to save energy and gauge the competition. Other teams like to play more aggressively to secure their spots in later rounds and make themselves known. The Group Stage phase is key because it features the highest level of talent diversity and sets the narrative for the rest of the tournament. Over the course of three days, some teams will find themselves woefully unprepared and end up on the bottom, while hungrier teams will find a winning formula, hit their stride, and make a splash.

When: November 8, 5pm PT

Where: OGN Super Arena, Manhattan Beach, CA


Who ends up where in terms of group draws can have a big effect on the tournament. Teams grouped with a bunch of upstarts should have their spot in the semifinals all but guaranteed. There’s added pressure but some teams like being first and setting the tone. However, there may be a disadvantage in not having any face time with the tougher competitors early on in the PGC. Let’s look at the Group Stage draw for PGC 2019:

Group 1

Kicking off the PGC action is Group 1, home to heavy hitters from across the globe. Lots of eyes will be on Faze Clan, who is heavily favored to take PGC. In 2019 alone their current roster has secured over $150,000 in prize money which includes a first place finish at GLL Grand Slam. MET Asia Series champions Gen.G are the other heavyweights in this group. Their overwhelming level of talent will be a factor one way or the other over Group 1’s six matches on November 8. This is a fully stacked group filled to the brim with top-tier battle royale talent. Expect to see high-level gameplay throughout and nail-biting showdowns.

Group 2

Things could get VERY interesting in Group 2. Lots of community hype around Team Liquid and Genesis onå the same battleground. Liquid come in with an established record while Genesis is sporting promising talent on its roster including fan favorite Kaymind and his signature deadly aim. Group 2 also features the last-minute addition of The Rumblers which has sent a shock through social media. The trio of OGN Entus Force, Afreeca Freecs Fatal and ahq Esports Club will be looking to send a message heading into the next round. We will see teams fall into the Elimination Group on Sunday November 10 that we simply did not expect.

Elimination Group

Topping off the first weekend of PGC action will be the Elimination Group. The bottom eight teams from both Groups 1 and 2 will be fighting tooth and nail for a top eight finish in the Elimination Group which will secure them a spot in the semifinals. This is a serious pressure test for teams because they’re so close to the axe and PGC will just be getting started. Elimination groups tend to generate explosive plays as they bring out the desperation in hungry teams. No one wants to be knocked out this soon so there will be epic clashes!


While you’re tuned in to PGC on feel free to give us a shout out on Twitter by using the hashtag #WatchPGC19. We will be posting community tweets using that hashtag up on the stream all weekend long!

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