Your PCS3 Champions, PEPS+ Team Averages/Pro Leaders, Highlights & PGI.S

In the final installment of the PUBG Continental Series, PCS3 pitted 16 teams from 4 regions against each other for the title of “PCS3 Champion” and $200k in prize + Pick’Em Challenge profits per region. Asia, North America, APAC, and Europe proved, again, how strategic and tactical the leading pro teams perform at the height of battle.

Over the course of 24 intense matches in Erangel and Miramar, the upper echelon in PUBG Esports stormed compounds, breached enemy barriers, and mollied their way to the top. If we’ve learned one thing during 2020’s PCS, it’s that PUBG athletes are tenacious pros, looking for their next winner winner chicken dinner.

Congratulations to all teams. Now introducing your PUBG Continental Series 3 Champions! 

PCS3 Asia Champions: Multi Circle Gaming

Multi Circle Gaming showed they came to compete since Day 1 with matches where they consistently hit placement points. At the End of Day 1, they were the third team on the leaderboards. Multi Circle Gaming finalized 1st place at the end of Week 1 in Asia’s hotly contested matches.

Week 2 in Asia, Multi Circle Gaming fell to the background, the focus being on Tianba esport and OGN Entus, narrowly missing the Championship title. It seemed like Multi Circle Gaming took a reserved week to capitalize on placement points before showing up on Week 3, Day 6 to take two back-to-back chicken dinners (above).

According to PUBG Esports Player Stats+ data from PCS3, Multi Circle Gaming’s Tanki995 was ranked the overall best player in the region with a 98 point player average. In finishing, firepower, survival, tactics, and teamplay, Tanki995 held the top spot. Summer, EviLLee, and LingDuuuuuuu where in the Top 15 players overall in PCS3.

In Week 3, Multi-Circle Gaming’s Summer came in at Rank #2, behind XDD of Petrichor Road. Summer’s Survival and Tactics stats maxed out during Week 3, playing powerfully with Tanki995 and the team.

PCS3 North America Champions: Soniqs

When your teammates consistently place high in the Top Damage, Top Kills, Top Assists, and Top Downs list, it’s clear – you’re an unstoppable force. Soniqs scored +12 kill points and +49 placement points against the runner-up team, Guadalajara Gascans. Is it fair to call this a landslide victory? Whether you like it or not, the victory here was expected as Soniqs led the PCS3 teams in the Pick’Em Challenge.

Congratulations Soniq, the only team to win two PCS Championships!

North America region always shows up with aggressive team plays and insane in-game moments. It was great to see Guadalajara Gascans take the leaderboard by storm while Oath, Duel, Zenith Esports, Shoot to Kill, and the other fan-favorites try their best to take down the reigning PCS2 North America Champion, Soniqs.

Overall in PCS3, Soniqs dominated the Top 15 PEPS+ lineup. TGLTN and Shrimzy came in at #1 and #2. Hwinn and M1ME placed at #6 and #14, respectively. TGLTN on paper doesn’t fall below a 90, proving what we’ve seen on the PCS stage time and time again. Claiming 100 points in fire power and compatibility during Week 3 shows that Soniqs played to win.


Compare TGLTN’s Week 3 performance to his PEPS+ stats for best overall player in North America. Firepower and compatibility are consistent. Offensive play-style, center oriented, dropping aggressive and consistent!

PCS3 APAC Champions: Buriram United Esports

Buriram United Esports placed 2nd place in PCS1, 3rd place in PCS2, and finally claimed their Championship here in PCS3. In Week 1 of PCS3, LG Divine held a strong lead with 5 chicken dinners, but even then, Buriram United Esports was trailing right behind. Eaddy constantly topped Top 5 Damage and Kills day over day.

Their performance remained consistent through DivisionX Gaming’s rise through the ranks and aggressive mid-pack teams like Angel Alliance, From The Future, and Cerberus Esport. The clip above highlights Noardra’s cunning use of time to wipe DivisionX Gaming, claiming a solo-player 2nd place in a clutch Day 5 match.

In APAC, Buriram United Esports celebrate a championship with Eaddy, Noardra, GodMiao and Conaxy at the helm. Jowman (the leading overall player from PCS1 Championship team, QConfirm) sat on the sidelines, but proved a stacked squad. Each player in Buriram United Esports placed Top 12 overall in PCS3. Eaddy led 64 teams with a 96 overall score, +7 points ahead of the second best, KimS1va from Sharper Esport.

In Week 3, Noardra brought the fire – placing #2 on the PEPS+ data, behind DivisonX Gaming’s IQ500! Noardra played placement points smartly, staking out until the end of level, and sometimes capitalizing on a team wipe while playing solo to secure second place!

PCS3 Europe Champions: Northern Lights

Northern Lights came out swinging in PCS3, bringing home the two chicken dinners on Day 1. This team held 8th place in PCS2, but played an impressive PCS1 locking in 3rd place. The team held their 2nd place leaderboard positioning through Week 2, consistently placing and taking kill points each round, mostly duking it out with Tornado Energy and Digital Athletics for 1st place. In an INTENSE Week 3, Northern Lights takes 3 chicken dinners and puts themselves in fights for kill points, strategically placing in matches throughout the weekend.

Playing tight formations, Northern Lights were able to tie for 1st in chicken dinners in Europe in Week 3. They were 3rd in the region for kill points, highlighting the importance of placing in the Top 4 consistently, as they held +12 to Digital Athletics’ 2nd place 87 placement points.

In Week 3, Northern Lights’ BatulinS and spyrro placed #1 and #2 on PEPS+ data. Showing high compatibility (combat variable) and tactics (map positioning) across the team and bringing it to the matches on the final week! 

Europe is the only region where the Top Overall PCS3 pro player wasn’t a member of the winning team. Congrats to alyagg for holding #1st place overall. The Top 15 is peppered with members of Tornado Energy, Digital Athletics, Northern Lights, Navi, and Team Liquid. However Northern Lights shares most of the Top 10 with Lu, BatulinS, and Spyrro, placing #10th, #9th, and #3rd, respectively.

A Full version of PCS3 PUBG Esports Player Stats+ (PEPS+) has arrived!

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ICYMI, here are PEPS+ for PCS Charity Showdown and PCS1!

What’s Next: PGI.S

We’re proud to announce the PUBG Esports won’t end after PCS3. The PUBG Global Invitational.S is coming in February, 2021!


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