Up Your Game on Erangel, Observe the PCS1 Pros

All regional winners had more of their points on Erangel than Miramar

PCS1 regional champions all put big points on the board on Erangel. In fact, each regional champion, based on the PEPS+ data, had more points on Erangel than Miramar at the end of the tournament. Could it be that Erangel is the oldest map in PUBG and winning teams have that deep-rooted experience on the original island? Is Erangel’s biome and environment more conducive to putting points on the board somehow versus Miramar? We don’t have the full story yet.

But the data shows that winning teams win on Erangel. 

Check out all the PEPS+ data from the champion teams, as well as the rest of the combatants HERE.


Offensive teams succeeded – committing to third parties

Teams that committed to third partying onto other teams’ skirmishes seemed to be victorious more than ever in PCS1. Rather than sniping from the sidelines and picking off teams, many squads like Shoot to Kill in North America chose to charge in and get points. Shoot to Kill ended up getting the points necessary to tie up and ultimately win PCS1 North America with a higher kill point lead, all because they were aggressive about their points. You can watch those exciting moments on our episode of Team Voice: STK!

Getting points on the board was key for teams trailing in the standings, and by fully engaging with teams rather than waiting for their mistakes new opportunities arise. PEPS+ data also shows top players on the more offensive side of gunplay, meaning they’re initiating fights more across the board and giving themselves more chances to get those points.


Bridges can make or break momentum

When a circle sits over Sosnovka military base on Erangel, you know the match is going to be entertaining. The bridges to Sosnovka island will undoubtedly become hot spots for combat, and teams that secure bridge camps can severely hamper the momentum of enemy squads by taking out members during the crucial rotation across the water. And so can you!

Every moment in pro play where a plan is disrupted is a valuable resource gone for the enemy squads. So, popping tires, doing drive by squad damage, lighting up an engine, and having the angle advantage if the car does come to a stop, and teams fight back are all bonuses to a bridge camp. And, teams across the globe took advantage of them. 

On day 3 of PCS1 Europe, Unity showed the tournament what a pristine bridge camp looks like: trapping.


Stopping Rotations and Cars Exploding – The dangers of driving in the open 

Vehicles are crucial on Erangel due to its size, and rotating around on foot will put pro teams at a significant disadvantage. You need to gear up fast and fight for good positioning. Driving in the open is dangerous from the start to the end of every match on Erangel, and with so many car explosions and team wipes due to vehicles in PCS1 Asia, it’s clear rotating through suboptimal routes is a dangerous trip when up against players that know how to shoot and disable vehicles.

Teams that used vehicles to rotate around the circle and stick to cover fared better than even the craziest car plays, with the exception of Team Quadros’ Renba, the drive-by king, who is allowed to do whatever he wants with cars because he’s the king of drive-by’s.

Remember to secure multiple vehicles for the team; across regions, team wipes would result from a fully-loaded Dacia getting lit up with everyone inside, a rough rotation that only serves to pinata points to the rest of the squads. Be safe, drive safe, drive in cover. Like the winners.


Elevation wins matches

Another tip that’s fairly understood. but seen in action all over PCS1. was claiming the high-ground early to be in a critical position when dealing with enemy teams. Not only do you get a broader view of the battlefield, but you have better angles for your throwable arsenal. As games progress, there are less roundabout ways of rotating, and we all know about driving in the open…

Having to march up a hill into a hail of gunfire is not the ideal path to victory, so make it easier on yourself and claim the high ground early, if the circle necessitates. 


Commit to the plan

Early in phase 1, it’s crucial to claim an area and loot supplies to be ready for your first rotation around the map to engage/avoid enemies, continue looting, and gather intel. Committing to a landing zone with the whole team saw a staple of early wins, especially when moving into close proximity of other teams early in the round or hot dropping to force teams into conflict. 

Teams relying on distraction or bait tactics, claiming larger swaths of territory, or just plain not landing as a team during a hot drop disadvantage teams, like Victim Rise early on. Aggressive hot-out-of-the-plane aggression is massively risky, and when playing for keeps, it might be better to stick with the squad. It seems that with Erangel’s flat sections between smaller loot locations, teams have an easier time in the early game noticing enemies and securing knockdowns. 

What have you learned from the pros while watching matches on Erangel? Let us know by tagging @PUBGEsports on Twitter with your Erangel pro tips.

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