Top 10 PCS1 Athlete Highlights and Best of Plays

The PUBG Continental Series 1 hosted some of the best PUBG athletes in the world. Their skills are debatably unmatched and tend to lead to wild in-game moments. From well-placed headshots, to multi-roadkills, to frantic squad wipes, the keen dynamic between PUBG and professional teams around the globe produces some of the best highlights ever seen.

Combing through the 80 matches played over two weekends, we’ve assembled a list of the top 10 highlights emerging from PCS1 Asia, APAC, North America, and Europe. And, we get it. “Epic” is subjective, but we’re pretty confident you’ll dig these intense moments.

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10. Squad Wipe, GodMiao of Buriram United Esports, APAC


With the pressure of being the last one standing in his squad, GodMiao pulls himself together to squad wipe Eagle Sentinel Shooter.


9. Tactical Outplay, Menteul of VSG, Asia


A tactical use of nades and sheer close-quarter combat courage lands a textbook kill for Menteul against Cursons’ dA and MartianChun.


8. Never Give Up, M1Go of LYG, Asia


Whether you’re trying to outrun an onslaught or end the joy ride, never give up on your objective.


7. Boom Boom Pow, zGou1 & HaiSaki of Cerberus, APAC


Bahamut Gaming thought they were safe huddling together in a recess… Cerberus shows them what’s up with a handful of nades.


6. Old Fashioned Shootout, Team Griffin, Asia


Charging in on their steel horses, Team Griffin commences in an old fashioned shootout… and walks away victorious.


5. The Sweeper, SKUIJKE of ENCE, Europe


Patience, dexterity, and timing is everything when you’re the squad’s last hope.


4. Under Pressure, Relo of Oath, North America


Even when the odds are against you, don’t crack. You’re still in the game and can take the win, as seen by Relo’s pro play.


3. Fire in the Hole, HellScream of The Nuclear Penguins, Europe


This is how you use a Molotov to put some heat on your rivals.


2. Mad Max Returns, LANDOOON of 303, North America


When in a demolition derby don’t get out of your vehicle. 303’s LANDOOON makes quick use of his vehicle as his bumper kisses pentalol.


1. Like a Boss, Pio of Gen.G, Asia


This is the caliber of skill and wits you need to survive in the pro league.



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