This is Global PUBG Esports

PUBG Esports is redefining battle royale esports.

Through top-tier regional play, all nine competitive PUBG Esports regions will have chances to send teams and players to a full slate of international competitions.

Starting with the PUBG Classics  –the FACEIT Global Summit, GLL Grand Slam, and MET Asia Series— and continuing all the way through to the PUBG Global Championship, battle royale fans can participate in person, watch livestreams in their native tongue, and even grab a piece of PUBG history with exclusive in-game items.

Scoring Rules

The combination of PUBG’s dedicated Esports Mode and the universal ruleset make PUBG Esports the premiere battle royale events on the esports calendar.

One of the most important elements to understand is scoring (from SUPER):

Every Match in the Competition will award Points in accordance with the following scoring system. Kill Points + Placement Points = Match Points

Kill Points are awarded to Teams based on the number of Kills the Team accumulates during each
Match. A Team will earn one (1) Kill Point per Kill.

Placement Points are awarded to Teams based on their finishing position at the end of each Match.

Teams will accumulate Placement Points based on the following matrix.

Match Placement Points Awarded
1ST 10
2ND 6
3RD 5
4TH 4
5TH 3
6TH 2
7TH 1
8TH 1
9TH – 16TH 0


Championships Lead to Championships

Five seats at the PUBG Global Championship are awarded to the “wild card” regions from PUBG Classics: those regions whose teams are successful at PUBG Classic events will send additional teams to the ultimate battle royale championship. The FACEIT Global Summit will award three additional PUBG Global Championship slots to the three regions that post the best finishes at the event. The next two PUBG Classics will each award one additional global championship seat to the home region of their respective winning teams.

Between now and the end of the year, the leagues and regional circuits of professional PUBG esports will all have processes for determining which specific teams will qualify for the PUBG Global Championship. Sustained success throughout 2019 is how the top teams will get to the championship event. It’ll take strong team chemistry and good form to survive the final circle and take the crown.

When the top teams aren’t assembled in one of the world’s esports capitals fighting over prize pools, they can be found scratching and scraping in their domestic leagues in Korea, Europe, North America, Latin America, China, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Chinese Taipei, and Japan.

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