PCS2 Pro Teams Break Triple Digits in Total Points, Victories Still to Be Claimed

The PUBG Continental Series is here to sift through the best-of-the-best professional teams across the globe, and Week 2 showed that there are multiple viable teams who are posed to claim the ultimate title of ‘PCS2 Champion’. Across 4 regions including Asia, APAC, North America, and Europe, teams put a smattering of points on the leaderboard as they saw their Total Points break 100+. Let’s take a look at some of the wildest plays from this past week’s matches and who’s in the lead as we head into the final week of PCS2.

Asia’s T1 on Top with a 10 Point Lead

Week 2 in Asia saw some of the usual contenders fight their way to the top of the leaderboards. Infantry pulled out solid plays, but Triumphant Song Gaming, T1, Tianba, and Entus gave them a run for their money – it was truly brutal to see. As Infantry slowly began to fall, many other teams rallied to claim more points and get better match placements. In the end, the most consistent performing team, T1, took the top spot as we head into the final matches of PCS2.


There was also some intense action as 4AM and VRLU GHIBLI drop in on the same apartment building and start to wage war on each other, as seen in the following clip. 

Both teams dropped 8 times(so far!) to the same place and had never-ending fights here. PUBG Esports fans will memorize this place as their landmarks from now on. 4AM is leading this war as 7 wins, and this fight also will be a great watch point of Week 3. Are 4AM and VRLU GHIBLI going to have the apartment war again in Week 3? Well, who knows?!


However, can T1 hold their spot with the 10 point lead they have over Triumphant Song Gaming, and only 13 ahead of Infantry?

As we take a closer look at Triumphant Song Gaming’s 911x, we see that overall he is a solid player who can certainly lead his team to another Chicken Dinner. His Combatability is a full 100 with his other stats in the 90’s (with the exception of Survival, which is still a strong 89). This proves that 911x is an all-around ground-shaker, especially when we look at how Offensive his playstyle is and where his points end up coming from, Kills.

Soniqs Prove To Be Top Dogs in North America

On the other side of the globe, North America took to Week 2 in a whirlwind of action as each match in Day 3 saw different winners including Soniqs (Match 1), Veritas working the Beryl (Match 2), Oath taking out STK (Match 3), and Radiance emerging from the smoke (Match 4).

Day 4 saw a different outcome as Soniqs once again showed they have regional dominance by taking home the win in the first two matches. However, Veritas stopped their streak using tight formations and besting Zenith in Match 3. This was an effective strategy as Shoot To Kill took the reigns and showed their ability to take the win in the last match.



Even with the high caliber of talent in all opposing teams, Soniqs was able to land the majority share of kills and placement points putting them on top with a 36 point lead over Shoot to Kill.

Soniqs all-around prowess lies in their teammate’s ability to show they are superior on the battlefield. Take a look at TGLTN’s PEPS+ stats in Week 2. All of his stats are near flawless 100’s, and he gets up in the action as he’s Center Oriented, drops in early, and fully favors an Offensive playstyle.

Divine Leads with a Massive 158 Total Points in APAC

Cruising back to the East, we see Divine maintaining their lead as current top-riders in APAC. Interestingly though, they only took home the win for one match in Week 2, which tells us that the ultimate win is still up for grabs.

With teams like DivisionX, BRU, and MSC Theerathon also claiming wins in Day 3, Divine has more strategy to perfect and more honing in their ability to execute kills flawlessly. One thing they will need to be cognizant of is Victim Rise’s proficiency with nades.


Divine certainly answered the call and retaliated with a variety of expert nade throws. Doing so landed them back on top of the leaderboard with 158 Total Points at the end of Week 2.

Although they sit in 4th, Battle Arena Elites is one team everyone in APAC should look out for. Looking at Fludd’s PEPS+ stats, his Tactics perfectly complement his Combatability and Survival skills. He’s also well-balanced between Short and Long Distance engagements. Add his sensibilities with Defense and Offense and you have an opponent you don’t take lightly.

Fan Favorite FaZe Clan Claim Top Spot in Europe, FaZe Sunday!

Although FaZe Clan may be dominating in Europe, there are teams that are giving them a run for their chicken dinners. In Match 1 of Day 3, Team Liquid shows up on the board taking the first win of the day with Navi in second place working to hold their lead. In Match 2, ENCE sneaks in for the win patiently waiting for the right moment to strike.

However, the fans demanded a FaZe Sunday as we went into Day 4… and a FaZe Sunday is what they got as they started to lock down wins.



FaZe’s performance put them into a healthy lead above the rest as they sit on top of the PCS2 leaderboard with 144 Total Points.

Although when compared to the PEPS+ stats above, FaZe Clan’s Aitzy may not be the most well-rounded of players, his expertise in Combatability, Firepower, and Teamplay makes him a highly-valued team player. Fuel those skills with his Offensive nature and being more Outward Oriented, he waits for the right time to strike and strikes hard.

We’re not done yet! Tune in as we host PCS2 Week 3 throughout the rest of the week. The full PCS2 schedule can be found here

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