PCS2 Leaders Begin to Emerge, 16 Matches to Go

With the continuation of the PUBG Continental Series, 64 teams took to Miramar and Erangel to prove who’s the best in their region. Some of the world’s finest professional PUBG teams in Asia, APAC, North America, and Europe are throwing every nade and honing in their Beryl handling skills to get closer to claiming the title of ‘PCS2 Champion’, and a piece of the $800k prize pool.

Infantry Claims Dominance in Asia

PCS2 kicked off the action with 16 teams in Asia dropping into Miramar and quickly establishing their favored area on the map. Right out of the gate, T1 dominated and took the first match of the day. It was no surprise… they’re a powerhouse team! But, they didn’t get too comfortable as right behind them came barking Tianba, OGN Entus, and Infantry.

If Tianba plans on carrying their success over into week 2 they’re going to have to fend off Infantry’s ability to move mountains with putting massive points on the leaderboard.Infantry had a powerhouse first week of PCS2, and Longskr’s Week 1 PEPS+ success shows it. High firepower and dominating finishing scores were on display during Infantry’s insane kill farm on Day 2. 

Longskr, as the name implies, has been favoring longer ranged kills, especially during pick off firefights where he needs to put points on the board. Asia had many third parties in PCS2 Week 1, and the long range kills might be one way Infantry stood out.

Soniqs Puts the Squeeze on Oath in North America

Turning focus to the teams competing in North America, Fabled showed strong initiative in match 1 by putting a kill on Soniqs. That proactive strategy landed them the first win of the day. 

As the day progressed, Soniqs quickly learned from their shortcomings and was able to claim two wins of their own. This threw a wrench in STK’s ability to score big points. However, it didn’t stop Oath from coming in and showing who’s positioned to potentially take the crown. It’s still early in PCS2, and you better believe Any Trolls In Chat is going to do everything they can to stick it to everyone else on the map.

TGLTN and the whole Soniqs crew had an impressive showing during the first week, with clutch grenades, solo squad wipes, and all sorts of PUBG nonsense. It’s no surprise that TGLTN is at the top of the NA PEPS+ list in Week 1.Early, central drops are prominent in TGLTN’s stats, with early aggression playing a role in his high achievements. Even as other teams began to close the gap during Day 2, TGLTN and Soniqs continued to put the damage, kills, and pressure on the map.

Divine Leads with a Massive 92 Total Points in APAC

On the other side of the world, the best-of-the-best teams in APAC took to Erangel and Miramar to showcase their professional PUBG strategy and skills. Daytrade Gaming took little time to clean up the map with incredibly well-placed nade kills.

Across the board, there were strong plays by all teams, but there were clear cut savages with some teams breaking 40+ kills. Between the 4 matches played, each saw a different victor emerge between DivisionX, Daytrade, Battle Arena Elites, and Divine. And, at the end of the day, a huge lead sets Divine Esports apart from the pack and gives them the confidence they need as they head into PCS2 Week 2.Nourinz and the Daytrade energy was palpable during Week 1 in APAC where PCS2 exploded with great grenades and explosions galore. Leading points and putting up impressive performances, Nourinz topped the charts. It was really anyone’s game, though.From the stats, we can see Nourinz and Daytrade preferring to stick close together and move as a unit to disrupt, with high offensive preferences. And for a bit of more rare data, Nourinz got his team more points on Miramar than Erangel, going against trends from PCS1 and PCS2.

Navi Show Who’s Boss in Europe

In Europe, ENCE ruled early by putting 17 points on the leaderboard in Match 1. Their success disrupted Liquid who struggled to pull together to appease fans across the globe.

Going into Day 2 though, many FaZe Clan fans came out rooting, hoping they would see a FaZe Sunday. But, Navi denied them celebration as they secured massive kill games which was exactly what was needed to put them on the top of the leaderboard at the end of PCS2 Week 1.

NAVI’s Bestoloch topped Europe’s PEPS+ list, and with fierce competition in PCS2, any team could have taken the win. Bucking the trend severely, Bestoloch’s data shows a majority of points in Erangel with relatively little to show on Miramar.Navi is leading the board with 73 points, and other teams are getting close enough each other to dominate the chart. Can’t wait to see how the second week of leaderboard would look like! We are far from over! Tune in as we host PCS2 Week 2 starting on Thursday, September 3rd at 3am PDT / 12pm CEST. The full PCS2 schedule can be found here

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