PCS1 Match Days 1 & 2: Qconfirm Leads in APAC, STK in North America

The sheer level of professionalism, from the strategic position of a loose squad formation to the pure skill of a one-shot headshot, has set many teams apart, showing major dominance for some.



In the APAC region, Qconfirm leads largely with 34 points up on their contenders Cerberus Esports, putting them on the top spot with 117 points after 10 matches.

And it makes sense. Look at Jowman’s 23 kill points half-way through Day 2, an 8 kill lead on BRU’s Noardra.

Clearly Qconfirm dominates in accumulative points across the 4 regions and has a first-place gap larger than their leaderboard equals in North America, Shoot to Kill, establishing their superiority against Zenith Esports. At 113 points, STK stands with a 26 point gap between them and their rivals.

The intensity witnessed in the damage dealing leaders in Asia and APAC has proven PCS1 has become one of the most action-packed and exciting PUBG tournaments – as seen with Infantry’s Longskr. Many are sure to feel pain being on the receiving end of his crosshairs (3,798 Damage Dealt).

Is there a correlation between Damage Leaders and their team’s ability to claim a top 3 spot on the leaderboards? Absolutely. 3 of 4 of the top Damage dealers are also on the top spot on their regions overall leaderboards, with the connection certainly applying to Infantry who leads with 104 points in Asia.

Infantry may have a Hulk-like athlete, but it doesn’t ensure ultimate victory has been secured. OGN ENTUS and Team Quadro is closing the gap, and with only 4 points between them, there’s going to be dancing between pushing hard on their rivals or strategically hanging back.


Turning to regions in the west, ENCE’s SKUIJKE rules as the Killer Leader of PCS1 Europe. With the dexterity of his primary and a solid team backing him, he’s going to have to up his kill game or secure several match wins over current top of the leaderboard, Team Liquid.

Blaze Esports will need to deploy accuracy and strong formations just as diligently to close the gap between them and TSM.

The first two match days of the PCS1 has set the tone for the upcoming weekend’s Day 3 and Day 4 games. No matter what Cerberus threw at them, Qconfirm returned with strength. Shoot to Kill showed muscle over their rivals. Infantry set out to lead and they did it with surgical precision. And, Team Liquid shows a force against Europe’s finest.

See how PCS1 unfolds as the games continue with the first match starting in APAC this Thursday, July 2nd at 3am PDT / 12pm CEST. The full PCS1 schedule can be found here

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