Meet the PCS1 Champions!

After four days of intense competition, clutch kills, and anything-goes finishers, the PUBG Continental Series 1 has crowned its champions. Four teams now represent the highest caliber of play in their respective regions:



PCS1 Asia was a ruthless competition as multiple teams competed for the top spots, with the scoreboard fluctuating constantly, but Infantry’s solid performances in each and every match kept them in the point lead from Day 1. 

Infantry is a Chinese PUBG squad that was formed in 2017. They team won the PUBG Asia Invitational G-Star 2017, and since then has had ups and downs through their competitive years. With this newest squad, mostly brought together in April 2020, Infantry has proven they still have what it takes to be the best in the region.



There was a clear champion from the beginning as QConfirm got into the driver’s seat at PCS1 APAC and didn’t let go of the wheel. A dominating force, QConfirm finished PCS1 with 183 points, over thirty points ahead of second place squad, Buriram United Esports. 

While their placement points fell off over the course of the tournament, QConfirm kept up the kills and aggressive play solidifying their lead. 



An esports staple, TSM is everyone’s home team no matter where you are in the world. TSM is one of the oldest tentpole esports organizations in the world forming back in 2009 and growing to compete in almost every esport since. As the next generation of champions emerge from TSM in Europe, we are sure to see even more fierce competition in one of the hardest-to-call regions in the world.

During PCS1 EUROPE, it was anyone’s game. The points were all over the board. TSM was in third place as the tournament hit the halfway point, a combination of aggressive wins and Iroh’s “we don’t look at the leaderboards” mentality pushed TSM into first place as the final chicken dinner was served.



What will go down in PUBG history as one to watch, PCS1 NORTH AMERICA match 5 was classic NA; down to the wire tiebreaker, STK’s last man standing, and risky plays around a wizard tower resulting in a close kill point win for Shoot To Kill. It’s one for the history books, and a win at PCS1 NA marks the beginning of a new era for STK.

STK was formed in 2017 and acquired by esports org Dignitas in 2018. After Dignitas exited PUBG esports competitively, the core group reformed and held together through the 2019 and 2020 seasons. Now, STK have proven themselves as champions, standing tall despite their uncertain past.



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