Master Miramar, Observe the PCS1 Pros in Their Desert Domain

All regional winners had more points on Erangel over Miramar


We highlighted this point in our last in-depth look at Erangel, but something striking from the PEPS+ data was that winning teams had more points gained on Erangel than Miramar. There’s an unlimited number of factors and reasons for this to be the case, but for the most part, Miramar is designed to have more land mass to play on with new terrain elevation advantages. With more space to land, it might take elite teams extra time to put points on the board before their rivals.


Miramar might just be the equalizer map, removing winning teams’ unique advantages through a different map focus. Erangel might just be a more well-known map since it’s the original, and pros have more practice. In any case, we need more data before we can say anything. Which is usually the case, right?

Check out all the PEPS+ data from the champion teams, as well as the rest of the combatants HERE.



Flat Miramar Theory

Rough terrain and flat open spaces means making rotations around Miramar a dangerous affair. With less than optimal cover when you’re crossing large distances, fights can quickly become too much to handle. 

Check out the following clip to see how many smokes 4AM’s Forever needs to provide cover for his attack. You’ll want to grab those smoke grenades wherever you can, since cover is a valuable resource when you’ve got to make some moves, especially on those long stretches of open road.



Dangerous Rotations

With flatter terrain comes more opportunities to snipe people out of cars during their rotations across Miramar. Since cover is an issue on Miramar, and frankly an incredibly important part of professional PUBG play, you have to take risks. And risks are risks for a reason: they may not play out to your advantage. 

Week 2 of the PCS1 in North America was categorized by lots of knocks out of cars on Miramar with every team taking the opportunity to ruin the enemy’s day and stop them in their tracks, especially when they’re not expecting it. Check out the clips below to see a bunch of pros getting shot out of their cars.



Cars as Cover

The theme today is cover since Miramar is lacking in it! Vehicles are an important resource to travel around the map but double-up as mobile cover. With the recent vehicle armor and explosion changes, using vehicles as cover has become a more predictable and useful affair as well.

Cars make great cover nowadays since everything but the engine takes reduced damage. Obviously, vehicles aren’t invincible – cars are VERY destructible. However, with a little practice and feeling out how many shots a car can take before it’s ready to blow, you can become a car cover master in no time.

The obvious downside to using cars as cover is that once the vehicle is smoking and explodes you’ll probably die and your dreams of pro status, fame, and glory will be instantly crushed… just like your face by the engine block of a Dacia. 

Dropping in the Desert 

With information comes battle plans, and having a firmer grasp on early enemy locations from a map with flatter terrain might be an advantage that teams can take to put points on the board. Since there’s theoretically more distance between teams landing on Miramar, getting into an early fight means being safer while you recover and stock up.

More distance also means that it’s easier to get separated, and as we learned in the Erangel blog, teams that stay together usually win together. Sticking with the team will usually give you a greater advantage, and with a little extra room between you and the rest of the combatants, your team can safely prepare for the skirmishes ahead.

What have you learned from the pros while watching matches on Miramar? Let us know by tagging @PUBGEsports on Twitter with your Miramar pro tips.



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