Four PUBG Continental Series 1 Champions Emerge: Qconfirm, TSM, Infantry, and STK

With the weight of squadmates, dedicated fan bases, and the rest of the PUBG community upon one’s shoulders, it’s no surprise that the pressure of competition was weighing on the minds of 64 teams who competed to take home a piece of the $800k prize pool and ultimate bragging rights in the PUBG Continental Series 1.

Over the course of four tournament days and 20 matches later, several teams would emerge as their region’s champions. It isn’t until you watch the professionals work Erangel and Miramar do you get the awesome sense of how PUBG esports is one of the most exciting competitive events to witness, and also one of the most nail biting, edge-of-your-seat competitions to unfold.


Looking at the final leaderboards of each of 4 regions in which PCS1 was played, it’s clear that several teams had locked up victories early on giving their rivals much work to do to close the gap between Champion status and second best. Then, there’s North America which had one of the closest standings ending in a tie and leaning into Kill Points and best performing Match Points to determine the Champ.


Here’s the quick rundown of final standings per region, and a full breakdown of what transpired below.


PUBG Continental Series 1 Final Standings





North America

Tournament Breakdown


So, what happened in each region? It wasn’t all insane plays, wild formations, and well-placed headshots. There was intense rivalries and revenge kills taking place across both maps played throughout the two-weekend affair.



For the most part, Infantry lead the pack through most of PCS1 in Asia. Although early on, some teams were biting at their ankles, including Team Quadro, Lstars, Entus and Tianba. In fact, Team Quadro’s Renba showed the world just how you stop someone from parading around in a vehicle.




As 4AM fought hard to ensure big plays landed them in the top 5, Gen.G struggled to get sure footing in the first half of the tournament. Even legacy powerhouses have their down days.


It wasn’t until match days 3 and 4 did Team Quadro and Entus dethrone Infantry from their top spot on the leaderboard with GRIFFIN showing real promise as the successor. In the end, no one could stop their march as Infantry secured the title of PCS1 Asia Champions.


The household name in APAC was certainly Qconfirm. With such a diverse mix of teams that form the APAC region, Qconfirm was able to establish their dominance early on match day 1 and held on to it through both weekends. As each match progressed, the gap between them, Cerberus, GoldenCat, and Buriram increased.


This major lead over the rest of the region didn’t slow down Australian favorites Fury in the slightest. Their ability to strike fast and hard drove much of the cheering and chat activity through the matches.




Fury ended PCS1 in 4th, paving way for Qconfirm as the newly crowned PCS1 APAC Champions.


As we shift our focus to Europe, some of the most aggressive plays, aggro pushes, and most consistent damage and kills were exhibited by Team Liquid. Balancing out their expertise, ENCE saw an absolutely amazing career highlight by clutching onto a 1v4 chicken dinner. And, lifting the skill ceiling even further, we saw Natus Vincere wreck TNP with a full squad wipe.




Every European team went into match days 3 and 4 knowing there was a lot on the line as they played strategically, and teams who felt they had less to lose tried wild tactics to try and etch out a victory. Many fans spoke highly of FaZe and Liquid, but we all saw the writing on the wall with TSM widening the gap with their stance at the top of the leaderboard.


In the end, TSM held consistently high-scoring games with back-to-back wins. It was clear that TSM was here to do a job, and TSM Iroh spoke eloquently that their team was ignoring the score board and knew they had one job to do, ensure victory and consistency. This mindset led them to being crowned PCS1 Europe Champions.

North America

Finally, one of the most riveting and action-packed regions, North America, held on to a leaderboard so close in its standings that a tie-breaker would determine the ultimate champion.


Early in match days 1 and 2, Fabled was a surprise ‘n delight team as they played exceptionally well, and Hardshifts’ Chubba showed incredible growth as an athlete this year. But, if you voted on STK in the Pick’Em Challenge your vote was well placed as they started to pull from the rest of the pack.




If you look at wins alone, Wildcard cleaned up with a total of 6 chicken dinners. That’s a lot of drumsticks! In the final match of the day, STK pulled out all stops as their backs were up against the wall being 12 points down. Shoot to Kill has been a team for quite some time, and it wasn’t until this tournament did they show their ability to take home the ultimate title as PCS1 North America Champions.


Where to Next?

As we bring the PUBG Continental Series 1 to a close, we are gearing up to drop in for PCS2 later in the summer. Stay tuned as we will announce the final schedule once it’s ready… and another round of the Pick’Em Challenge!





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