Four PCS2 Champions Crowned, PEPS+ Breakdowns

In the second leg of the PUBG Continental Series, 16 teams in each of four regions including Asia, APAC, Europe, and North America competed to claim rightful victory and title of ‘PCS2 Champion’, and their share of a $800k prize pool.

Over the span of three weeks and 24 matches, some of the world’s best PUBG teams took to Erangel and Miramar to prove what they’re capable of and who stands in their way of becoming the ultimate PUBG squad. The matches were intense. The action was unparalleled. The sheer caliber of skill witnessed clearly sets apart the professional PUBG athletes from the rest.

Here are your PUBG Continental Series 2 Champions!

PCS2 Asia Champions: Triumphant Song Gaming

The battles that took place in the Asia region were some of the most wild encounters seen in PUBG. At one point, both 4AM and VRLU GHIBLI dropped on each other atop the Erangel apartments and began to duke it out until only one team survived.

On other parts of the map, Infantry and T1 were going head to head to determine who would walk away as Asia’s top team. In the end, it was Triumphant Song Gaming who got everything they needed, and in the last match, was able to get enough points to claim victory over the rest.Let’s take a close look at one of the best performing athletes in PCS2 Asia Week 3, EJ from Afeeca Freecs. His strong sense of Combatability and ability to Finish his opponent resulted in a strong Offensive playstyle. However, he balances Teamplay and Tactics well which also led to solid Defense. All around, EJ is a well-balanced player that Asia needs to be on the lookout for in PCS3.In the end, it was TSG’s very own 911x who was the stand-out player overall in PCS2 Asia. His stats are near flawless as he demonstrates how to perform as a top-notch player, and his sole focus on approaching encounters offensively paved the way for his team’s success throughout the tournament.

PCS2 North America Champions: Soniqs

PCS2 North America saw a wild series of matches unfold as chicken dinners were claimed by a whole host of teams including Oath, Shoot to Kill, Zenith, Radiance, and several more. The sheer amount of Kill Points that were obtained meant that those watching the play-by-plays were treated to world-class performances by some of the most qualified teams in the region. However, it was one team that was able to stand out from the rest by claiming 8 wins and taking down 154 opponents. With a total of 265 points, Soniqs emerged as the PCS2 North America Champions!In previous recaps, Soniqs’ TGLTN PEPS+ figures were featured as he dominated many of the matches throughout PCS2 North America. His ability to remain consistent and reliable produced a high level of play that forced other players to rethink their strategies in Week 3. His ability to deploy expert Tactics and remain fully Offensive meant he was god-like on the battlefield.TGLTN’s ability to refine his dexterity and play style proved that he was the best overall player in PCS2 North America as well. Compare his Week 3 stats (above) to his Overall stats (below) and you see how his PEPS+ stats increased throughout the tournament. Simply put, he went from being amazing to downright dangerous! His playstyle slightly shifted from Late Drop to a preference in Early Drops, and he focused more on securing Kills over Placement – a luxury one can afford when your team already sits high on the leaderboard.

PCS2 APAC Champions: Divine Esports

For the majority of PCS2 APAC, Divine Esports had the championship in the bag, but saw major hiccups in the final days. Early on in the tournament they established they were a team that was posed to take the crown. It was the likes of Daytrade, Battle Arena Elites, and Fury who would make them work for what they wanted. As the matches progressed, Divine struggled to keep the gap wide between Fury who was quickly gaining traction by earning massive points.

On the last day, the championship came down to a single tie-breaker between the two teams: Divine and Fury, both with 188 Total Points, 116 Kill Points, and 72 Placement Points. As tiebreaker rules dictate, Divine took the ultimate win as PCS2 APAC Champions!Surprisingly, the top team in APAC didn’t necessarily have the best performing athlete on their side. In fact, we turn our sights to GameHome’s Clories who clearly showed the region that they are a force to reckon with. His sheer Firepower and Finishing stats are perfect. Combine those with his Center Oriented playstyle and you’re sure to lose when confronting him in his environment.Through the course of 24 matches, we see Fury absolutely dominating. Look at Ykikamucow’s well-rounded stats which result in a healthy and balanced playstyle. Overall, it was his progress as a professional PUBG player that gave Divine a near mental breakdown throughout PCS2 APAC and secured 2nd place for his team.

PCS2 Europe Champions: FaZe Clan

Over in Europe, a bloodbath was seen between extremely proficient teams who were duking it out to establish themselves as the top dogs of the region. It came down to the final round as the best performing teams all got knocked out, and unfortunately, TSM, Team Liquid, ShiftW and other potential winners were unable to keep up strong breakout performances. Teams continued to play out the last match for the remaining placement points. FaZe Clan held their lead, and before the final round was over the winner was clear. This was an exciting tournament seeing Team Liquid go from nearly dead last to recovering and almost winning. FaZe Clan proved their consistency though, and by the end it was quite obvious that they were the PCS2 Europe Champions!One athlete that brought their A-game through PCS2 Europe was TSM’s Iroh. Once again, you see how a professional PUBG player’s stats very much catapult their team into success. All around, Iroh is a highly-capable player with his Potential and Combatability locked at 100. When you add those two together it manifests into pure carnage, as seen by his favor in Kill Points.Overall, Iroh was the region’s best player as well, which helped his team place 3rd in PCS2 Europe. When we compare his Week 3 stats (above) to his Overall stats (below), we see that he performed much better later in the tournament which raised his stats ceiling. We also start to see his playstyle change as he adapts to the ever changing tactics and strategy of his opponents – he focused more on Early Drops, Wider team formations, and performed much better on Miramar over Erangel.

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PCS3 is Next!

The PUBG Continental Series continues as we head into PCS3 in November. Stay tuned for more information about the next leg in the series as we lock down the final details.


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