Everything You Need to Know for PCS1 – Who’s Competing, Tournament Structure, Official Rules, and More

Who’s going to take home the chicken dinner in each of 4 competing regions in the PUBG Continental Series 1 (PCS1)? We’re here to find out with you in real-time as 64 of the world’s best PUBG teams drop in live starting June 25th.

We’ve gathered all of the PCS1 intel in one central location so you don’t miss a single knock, and if you successfully predict winners you’ll snag yourself a new gold skin. Now, that’s money!


Tournament Structure

PCS1 will introduce 16 teams in each of 4 regions all competing to get the best score at the end of each match to claim the ultimate W.

  • Regions Competing: 4 including Asia, APAC, North America, and Europe
  • Teams per Region: 16 Teams
  • Squad Size: Quads
  • Tournament Days per Region: 4
  • Matches per Tournament Day: 5
  • Match Setup: All 16 teams drop in simultaneously, standard elimination
  • Win Conditions: The regional team with the most accumulated points from all 20 matches will be announced as the First Place winner of that region. You can download the full Standard and Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset here. For points breakdown see below.
  • Winners: There will be standings reported on all 4 regions. 


Livestream Schedules

For the full rundown of schedules in a variety of languages cruise over here.

Tune in live on the platform of your choice!

And, follow along with live updates as matches unfold.


Competing Teams

For the full rundown of teams competing cruise over here.


  • PCS 1 APAC Participating Teams

      • Indonesia – Eagle 365, Victim Rise
      • Oceania – Athletico, Carnage Esports, FURY
      • Philippines – Bahamut Gaming
      • Thailand – Buriram United Esports, Daytrade Gaming, Golden Cat, MSC THEERATHON, QConfirm
      • Vietnam – Cerberus Esports, DIC Gaming, Divine Esports, Gearbox, Maoggy Esports


  • PCS 1 Asia Participating Teams

      • China – Four Angry Men, Infantry, Luminous Stars Gaming, LYG Gaming, RushB Gaming, Tianba
      • Chinese Taipei – Global Esports Xsset, Team Curson
      • Japan – Crest Gaming Xanadu, ELEMENT.36
      • Korea – Element Mystic, Gen.G, Griffin, OGN Entus, Team Quadro, VSG


  • PCS 1 North America Participating Teams

      • 303 Esports, Any Trolls in Chat, Comets, Elus1ve, Exodus, Fabled, Houston Hardshifts, Illusion, Liberate, Oath Gaming, Radiance, Shoot To Kill, Soniqs, Tactical 8, Wildcard Gaming, Zenith Esports


  • PCS 1 Europe Participating Teams

    • ENCE, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Northern Lights, Omaken Sports, Team Liquid, Tempus, Tornado Energy, TSM, The Nuclear Penguins, Unity, Gamefraym, Redline, With Potential, Blaze Esports, Istanbul Wild Cats


PCS1 Official Rules

PCS1 adopts the Standard and Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset throughout all of its matches. Download the full official rules here.


Win Conditions Breakdown

The regional team with the most accumulated points from all 20 matches will be announced as the First Place winner of that region.

  • Scoring System
      • Kill Points – Kill Points are awarded to Teams based on the number of Kills the Team accumulates during each Match. A Team will earn (1) Kill Point per Kill.
      • Placement Points – Placement Points are awarded to Teams based on their finishing position at the end of each Match. Teams will accumulate Placement Points based on the following:
        • Placement/Point Awarded
          • 1st / 10 Points
          • 2nd / 6 Points
          • 3rd / 5 Points
          • 4th / 4 Points
          • 5th / 3 Points
          • 6th / 2 Points
          • 7th / 1 Point
          • 8th / 1 Point
          • 9th – 16th – 0 Points
  • Match Points
      • A Team’s Match Points is the sum of their Kill Points and Placement Points – Kill Points + Placement Points = Match Points. For example, a Team who accumulates 10 Kills and finishes the Match in the 3rd position will earn 15 Match Points (10 + 5 = 15).
  • Total Points
      • A Team’s Total Points is the sum of all Match Points accumulated during PCS1.
  • Tie Breaker
    • In the event that two or more Teams have the same number of Total Points, the following rules shall be applied to break the tie.
      • 1. Compare every tied Team’s total Kill Points across all Matches
      • 2. Compare every tied Team’s best performing Match based on Match Points
      • 3. Compare every tied Team’s best performing Match based on Kill Points
      • 4. Compare every tied Team’s Kill Points in the most recent Match
      • 5. Compare every tied Team’s Placement Points in the most recent Match


Prize Pool Breakdown

There will be a total of $800,000+ available prize pool for PCS1. The prize pool consists of:

  • $200,000 prize pool for each region
  • 25% of PCS1 item profits sales will be distributed back to pro teams across the four regions: 12.5% of the profits will be added to each of the regional prize pools, and 12.5% will be distributed equally amongst the participating teams


Pick’Em Challenge

We are welcoming the return of the Pick’Em Challenge, offering a chance to win special items by successfully predicting the winner!

It’s easy and fun to get involved! Fire up PUBG and go to the Pick’Em Challenge tab in the menu. That’s where you can predict the champion of each region with a voting coupon. If you purchase PCS 1 items, you can get up to six coupons. Also, you have a chance to get one additional voting coupon for free while watching live broadcasts.

If you successfully predict the champions, you will get 100,000 EPs that can be used at the Esports Shop in each region. For example, if you successfully predict the champion of one region, you will be awarded 100,000 EPs, and if you predict the champion of all regions, you will get a total of 400,000 EPs. Those EPs you earn can be used towards epic PCS1 items!

For the full Pick’Em Challenge rundown of details check out this article.


Regional Sites

Want to see the latest and greatest PUBG news in your region? Check out the following region hubs.

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