Competitive Ruling: PCS2 ASIA Day 5

Prior to an announcement released last night, an incident occurred during PCS2 ASIA and was brought to our attention. The incident was reviewed by our staff, and the decision was made to ban BuYoHoo, a player on GEXA, as he engaged in discriminatory speech. BuYoHoo was suspended from the last day of PCS2 ASIA and five points were deducted from GEXA’s overall point total. For details, please see below:

  • Player: ‘BuYoHoo’ from Global Esports Xsset Ace (GEXA)
  • Time of Incident: PCS2 ASIA Day 5 Match 4
  • Violations: Rule 11-D – Discriminatory speech and harassment during PUBG global esports event.
  • Backgrounds: ‘BuYoHoo’ from GEXA engaged in discriminatory speech to the team ‘ Element.36 JAPAN (E36)’ during combat between GEXA and E36.
  • Ruling
    1. Deducted 5 points from GEXA’s overall point total in PCS2 ASIA
    2. Suspended BuYoHoo from PCS2 ASIA
  • Relevant Rules
    1. Per PUBG Continental Series Rules of Conduct, this type of behavior is considered Discrimination, Disruptive, and a form of Profanity and Hate Speech and is subject to punishment based on below.





Making statements that are threatening, defamatory, insulting, or offensive

At the discretion of the Administration


Words, actions, or similar acts that insult the dignity of a private person or group of people, such as race, nation, social origin, or gender, or contain political or religious derogatory messages Up to permanent suspension
  • Effective Date: September 9, 2020
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