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A Pioneer of
Battle Royale

PUBG Esports has received high praise and attention from the global esports organizers, with dozens of pro teams being founded around the world even before the official release of the game.
Based on this, PUBG Esports successfully hosted PUBG GLOBAL INVITATIONAL (PGI.S) 2018 in Berlin, making battle royales a watchable esports in collaboration with various partners. Since then, PUBG Esports has improved each year to build the esports system.
For the past 3 years, we have hosted about 40 official tournaments, with about 60 tournaments by our partners, to pay out US$15 million in cumulative prize money. Through these events, we further strengthened our position as the leader of the battle royale genre.
With our sustainable investment approach, KRAFTON promises to keep hosting the most exciting tournaments, while adding and creating new initatives to PUBG esports in an effort to bring the best of battle royale esports experience to our PUBG fans and players around the world.

PUBG Esports History